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58mm f1.2 Rokkor Adapter

58mm f1.2 Conversions Kits – Now Available – Sony Alpha/Minolta a-mount – Canon EOS.

This is an easy to assemble kit that allows you to mount your 58mm f1.2 Rokkor lens directly onto your Sony Alpha or Canon EOS camera. There is no fuss involved, just four screws that need to be taken out and screwed back into the custom made mount.
There are things that will help make the process as quick as possible, as well as things that should be avoided, which is why there is a basic instruction manual included to guide you through the process. The kit includes the custom made mount (with a PCB chip), four new screws, a rear cap and the instructions. These are generally made on demand, so turn around is likely 2-3 weeks within the EU, but I can of course send anywhere.

****PLEASE NOTE: Turn around is 4-8 weeks during the months of April until October, as well as December****

Example of Sony/Minolta a-mount kit:

”For Canon EOS kits that are intended for use of full-frame models, please contact me first to discuss details. Please note prices above are within the EU, so contact for postage to your country if you are outside of the EU”







If you’d like to order, just get in contact via the contact form – I’d need a full name and postal address to forward you the invoice with online payment instructions. These usually take 2-3 weeks to create as I don’t always have all the materials in stock (these are handmade, made to order). The kits sell for £125, which includes materials, labour, postage and paypal fees. The kit includes the actual mount part, the pcb chip, four new screws, a rear cap and instructions. The instructions are now in a PDF photo-guide form, rather than printed text-only (saving the planet and making your life easier in one!).